Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ragbrai stops off at Parkersburg

In Witchita Kansas we stopped to see an exciting Miro mural at the State University. While looking for a rest room, Brendan and I see big warning cards telling students where to go "when" the next tornado comes. This stack of bicycles sculpture greeted our riders in the meeting stop of Parkersburg. A massive "twister" came though this village in 2008. The village was grateful for the infusion of money some of the 15,000 Ragbrai riders made to their economy.
In my thinking, this "Rhoades Car" seems the right way to take on a state wide bicycle ride. An awning, someone to talk to, and 42 cycling speeds.

The Aplington - Parkersburg High School Junk Percussion Emsemble made lots of energetic noise when we were looking for our riders in Parkersburg. Janne and I parked about a block from these kids, called Katy Fletcher on her cell phone. She was watching our arrival in the middle of a zillion riders.

The Ragbrai trip had lots of heroes, and our champion was Janne Fecht who managed a huge r.v. from Des Moines to Sioux City to Debuque and back to Des Moines. Here in Charles City, Janne took on laundry to keep our rides fresh and clean.

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