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Jonathan Fletcher 1931 Graduation photo. (click on images to enlarge)
Clyde Fletcher wrote his daughter Katherine on Oct. 27, “Jonathan will be 17 tomorrow, he is some good kid.” Perhaps the father didn’t feel quite as positively when late one night, he left the house only in his underwear and a straw hat, to pull Jonathan and his car out of a ditch.
Jonathan Fletcher at the University of Iowa
At the height of the Great Depression Jonathan Fletcher went off to the University of Iowa. His once affluent parents were now burdened with a lifestyle unsupportable by the times. Jonathan hid his family’s money status and took a job once viewed as suitable for poor boys. For economic reasons he shared living quarters with several other young men, despite the noise and inconvenience.
Jonathan's mother Jennie described her son’s room as “decorated with pennants, pictures and calendars.” She wasn’t overly concerned with the arrangements since “Jonathan is surely the most level headed fellow you ever saw.”
Jonatha is elected captian of the University of Iowa’s tennis team. In 1935, he graduated from the University of Iowa

Jonathan Fletcher as a young man.

Jonathan Fletcher 1940

Jonatha is elected captain of the University of Iowa’s tennis team.
His first job was in the State of California work for a New Deal Agency created by the Franklin Delano Roosevelt administration.

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